My teaching experience includes courses taught as instructor of record at both UNC Chapel Hill and at Wake Forest University. I have taught 3 courses: Interest Groups, State and Local Politics, and Introduction to American Politics. I’ve taught these courses a combined 10 times in a face-to-face format, as well as an additional 6 times in an online format.

Teaching Statement
Teaching Evaluations

Courses taught as the instructor of record:
1. State and Local Politics in the United States (syllabus): 12 semesters (6 face-to-face, 6 online)
2. The Politics of Organized Interests (syllabus): 1 semester
3. Introduction to American Politics (syllabus): 3 semesters (2 at UNC, 1 at Wake Forest)

Future teaching interests:
My future teaching interests are broad, including Women and Politics (syllabus), Race and Politics (syllabus), Campaigns and Elections, Interest Groups, Political Communication, Congress, The Presidency, State and Local Politics, Political Behavior, Public Policy, Introduction to US Politics, and Research Methods, among others. I am also especially interested in preparing a seminar on the causes and consequences of incivility in American politics.